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Q:  Is Your Web Site Safe?

Yes, we use an VeriSign Identity Protect verified payment processor and PayPal to process payments.  We do not receive any of your credit card or personal account details.  Our site is hosted by Network Solutions, one the first and largest hosting providers in the world.  The personal information we obtain through the ordering process (i.e. name, email, address) is encrypted.  All information is held in the strictest confidence and is never sold or made available to anyone outside of Ardent Beauty.


Q:  Is my Credit Card Information Safe?

Absolutely.  We use one of the highest rated and safest online payment processors, specializing in data and payment processing encryption.  Ardent Beauty does not receive any of your payment details.  We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, bank transfers, and more.  You can pay with virtually any method you choose, and your payment information is absolutely safe!


Q:  What if I Need a Sample of a Product?

We offer sample sizes of the majority of our products, and they are available for purchase on the same product pages as the full-size products.  They are small, but allow you to test products and/or colors for a nominal cost before you purchase the full size.  If you need a sample that is not available for purchase on the site, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Q:  What If I Have Problem Skin?

If you have problematic skin, you are certainly not alone.  Most of us have one problem or another, and a lot of it is due to our consumption of skin care and food that is laced with chemicals! Problem skin is often the result of years of use of harsh skin care regimes. The products you thought were helping your skin turn out to work opposite. Their combination of alcohols, preservatives, water, acids and anti-acne chemicals often create very sensitive skin that cannot any longer cope with the daily onslaught. Often the initial reaction is to put on more of what you use or switch to another chemical-laden product, and short term this may seem to work. Long term, however, your skin gets more and more damaged, and as you’ve probably noticed the products quit working. The only way to re-balance your skin is to stop applying chemicals to it; help your skin restore its own natural health and beauty.  It does not require the science of chemists, even though big manufacturers would like you to think so! Your skin improves from being nourished with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids.  All of our products are 100% natural and full of this nourishing skin “food”!


Q:  Does Diet Affect My Skin?

The old adage is true: You are What You Eat.  In addition to toxins in personal care products, healthy skin is also subject to choices you make to fuel your body.  If you want healthy, radiant skin, eating a natural organic diet gives you an edge.  Make most of your food choices organic fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water to keep your skin properly hydrated, and minimize caffeine and alcohol consumption.  Healthy living through regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, and finding appropriate ways to relieve stress help as well.  And, of course, use natural sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and cancer.  (And, check out our new natural Sunless Tanning Spray!)


Q:  Why are Some Products Certified Organic, but Others are Not Certified?

Our products are personally selected and tested, and all are comprised of 100% natural, safe, non-toxic ingredients.  Most ingredients are  organic or responsibly wild harvested. To be certified organic, 100% of the individual ingredients in a product must be independently certified.  Unfortunately, this is a very expensive undertaking and many of our manufacturers are smaller companies that cannot yet afford certification.  However, we intentionally select these boutique manufacturers because we know and trust these companies.  In fact, we do not sell certain manufacturer lines that have some great natural products, simply because they also have some not-so-great (unsafe) products in their line.  If we cannot comfortably sell the manufacturer as a whole, we don’t sell any of their products.  The companies represented here consistently honor their founder’s intent in creating truly natural, healthy products - over the temptation to cut corners in the name of profit. This is generally because their founder is their formulator.  Often, small companies grow to a certain size and then are bought by larger companies that change formulations and methods to increase profit, and begin selling through mainstream retail. We feel at that point the only way for consumers to guarantee a product is truly natural is for it to be certified organic, or to do thorough research on the company and product before buying.  (We recommend you always do your own research on products before buying!).  Cosmetic Safety Database by the non-profit EWG is a good starting place.  You will find surprising information about what most cosmetic and skin care manufacturers “sell” you versus what they actually provide.  Money is the name of the game for the majority of American manufacturer’s - even baby products contain toxic chemicals.  You definitely don’t want to blindly trust what is being marketed!


Q:  What are Your Shipping Charges?  How Long Before I Receive My Order?  Do You Ship Worldwide?

Orders within the United States and Puerto Rico ship at no charge!  We have low flat rate shipping charges on all international orders (outside the USA and PR).  Most orders are processed within 1 business day.  We will email a shipping confirmation with tracking code when your order ships.


Q:  Where Can I Find a Comprehensive List of Product Ingredients?

We proudly list every single ingredient in every product, and are members of the Natural Ingredients Resource Center’s “Truth in Labeling” campaign.  Each product on our website has the complete ingredient listing.  


Q:  What Makes Your Mineral Cosmetics Different from other Brands?

The primary difference is that our mineral cosmetics do not contain fillers or Bismuth Oxychloride(BiO). Bismuth Oxychloride is a mineral byproduct of lead and copper refining. The properties are very similar to arsenic and the color is white with an iridescent hue (it is also lead free). It has a very shiny appearance. It is commonly used to create magnets, fire safety devices, medicine and most recently mineral cosmetics.  Mineral cosmetics companies use this ingredient as a filler, as it is inexpensive. There is also a high refractive quality which beauty companies like because it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It gives a shimmery appearance to the face, the dewy look that some cosmetic companies use in their marketing strategy.  However, it does not last throughout the day and slides off the face by the end of the day.  Bismuth is a very heavy element, and can clog pores and cause acne. This is a common side effect for women after prolonged use. Other side effects include irritation, itchiness and redness due to the similarity of its properties to Arsenic.  We DO NOT use Bismuth Oxychloride (though it is classified a mineral) because of this irritation to the skin and potential for causing acne, nor do our products contain other fillers.  They are highly pigmented pure and healthy minerals.

Neither do our products contain Micronized Titanium Dioxide, which can be a hazard when inhaled during application. We recommend a flat top brush, which cuts down on the diffusion of particles in the air.  A flat top brush gives excellent coverage with less product, as it allows more powder to be applied to the skin rather than dispersing in the air around your face.


* Is your website safe?

* Is my credit card information safe?

* What if I need a sample of a product?

* What if I have problem skin?

* Does diet affect my skin?

* Why are some products certified organic, but others are not certified?

* What are Your Shipping Charges? How Long Before I Receive My Order? Do You Ship Worldwide?

* Where can I find a comprehensive list of product ingredients?

* What makes your mineral cosmetics different from other brands?

Concern not addressed here?  Please contact us.